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Office Conference Rooms in St. Louis

Prices up to 60% off

Here are some of our best sellers. Contact us to see more options! 

Office Conference Rooms in St. Louis

Thousands of Options at Your Fingertips

Don't see what you need above? Don't fret, those are just some of our beset sellers. We have access to thousands of product lines and many different manufacturers. The products above are some of our best sellers, but give us a call at 314-567-5558 or send us a note and we can take a look at your space and find you the perfect solution. 

Need an upgrade?

Is your conference room furniture in St. Louis scuffed and scratched after years of use? Replace your worse-for-the-wear conference table and chairs with new furnishings from Office Furniture Solutions. The conference room is a key meeting area for many businesses, so it's important to lead with your best foot forward. 

Style vs. Function

Styling and image are very important to some companies, whereas function and low price are the priority for others. We will be able to recommend a conference room solution that fits your St. Louis organization as well as your budget!

We Install Them Too

We offer budget-friendly services for St. Louis desk installations. Our expert crew will deliver, install, and clean up fast. We kind of obsess over making the whole process simple, easy, and affordable!

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