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Office Furniture in St. Louis, MO

The look and feel of your office plays an important role in how comfortable and productive you and your employees are during the day. A worksite atmosphere also informs your potential clients and customers about how to view your business and the services you provide. Make sure you are making a strong impression from the moment they first walk in through the doors with the help of Office Furniture Solutions and our office furniture in St. Louis, Missouri.

As one of the leading modern furniture dealers in the metropolitan bi-state area, we understand how important it is for area businesses to find furniture that still provides an aesthetic and functional boost to your workplace. Our team of office design specialists has more than 50 years of combined experience when it comes to helping customers find the used office desks, new office cubicles, file cabinets, used storage, and many other types of office furniture they need to purchase on any kind of budget. Whether you are looking at a computer desk for sale or shopping for the ideal L-shaped desk, you are sure to find what you need among our vast inventory. Come and browse our convenient showroom to see our current selection of cubicles, office desks, office chairs, and conference tables.

The Right New & Used Office Desks for Your Business

Making your office look great isn’t about spending as much money as you can on the most expensive furniture your budget will allow. It is about really putting together the different elements of your office so everything works together to improve the look, feel, and function of your office space. The stress of furnishing your office the right way ends here at our office furniture store. Our unique process guarantees the right solution for any budget. We make it easy for you to seamlessly buy and install the furniture you need without disrupting your work day.

When you take advantage of our free design consultation, you will sit down and discuss what is most important to you with our consultant. This allows us to narrow down your search so you can start looking at affordable modern office furniture that fits your space as well as your budget. During your consultation, our team will create a custom, 3D design of the furniture setup you need to fit perfectly within your space. This allows you to see exactly how everything looks and fits for absolutely free. We also encourage you to feel free to revise the designs until you are comfortable that the solution accurately fits your needs.

Top Brand-Name Modern Office Furniture

The wide selection of office furniture at our store is sure to impress you with the style it brings to your space as well as the affordable price tag attached to it. We carry only furniture that has been manufactured by industry-leading brands that are known for producing quality office furniture that is sleek, refined, and will last for years. To help you keep your costs low, our team provides quantity purchasing discounts that can help you save 45% or more off of the list price of the items you are buying.

There are many great brands available for you to choose from at our store and each one brings you a unique style that can help you define the aesthetic of your office. Two of our top-selling brands are:

  • Evolve Furniture Group - Sustainable and ergonomic workstations and practical storage solutions. Quality, reasonably priced.

  • Global - Affordable office desks, chairs, filing and storage, and conference tables.

Free Design Consultations for Office Furniture

With the right design touch almost any type of room can become a useful and attractive space that is perfect for you, your employees, and your clients. In an effort to continue to make this an easy process, our team not only offers you the modern office furniture you want at a fair and affordable price, but we also offer a free design consultation to help you visualize and bring together the look of your new office space.

When you work with our design team, you can rest easy in knowing that you are going to get an eye-catching look that will really tie together your entire office. We guide you toward the right furniture for your needs and then help you figure out where the pieces should go to maximize your space as well as the aesthetic of your rooms. Why pay someone else to design your room for you when you can receive this service as a courtesy from our team? Our passion is helping business associates see how our discount furniture can transform their spaces without taking a major toll on their budgets.

Contact us to speak to a customer service specialist ready to assist you with commercial furnishing needs. We provide free 3D design consultations to our customers located in St. Louis, Clayton, Laude, Richmond Heights, and Frontenac, Missouri, as well as in the surrounding Illinois areas.

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